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Barnet - "Tänk på döden" - LP

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Barnet - "Tänk på döden" - LP
Release date: 1st of March 2019 (digital) and 8th of March (vinyl).

Debut album from this unique trio from up north in Sweden. 10 tracks full of brilliant lyrics (in Swedish) and beautiful melodies. 
Barnet consists of:  Frida Johansson (plays live with Annika Norlin,Säkert, 1900 and her own band Kraja), Linnea Nilsson (kraja) och Love Kjellsson. They have self released some great ep-s the last years which led to Karl Jonas / sing a song fighter sending Barnet praises and suggestions about releasing a full-length album. 
Now it's finally here. The vinyl album comes with a delicious little poster inside. 

side a
1. Tänk på döden
2. Vem hade kunnat ana?  (feat Iiris Viljanen)
3. Leksaksbåt (Yoko Ono cover)
4. Två hästar (feat Karl Jonas Winqvist)
5. Du kan vara tyst nu (feat Anna Levander, Annika Norlin, Frida Hyvönen, Kraja, Iiris Viljanen and Jennie Abrahamsson on vocals!)
side b
6. Sopbilen II
7. Lupinerna
8. Äventyr
9. Vad sa du?
10. Du mitt barn (feat Kraja)

The album was recorded and mixed by Christian Gabel (1900, bob hund).
Produced by Frida Johansson and Christian Gabel. 
Album photo: LisaLove
Album artwork: Anthony Tian.

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Or you can watch and listen to "Du kan vara tyst nu" here: