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Gasper Nali "Zoona Malawi" - LP

23 EUR

Gasper Nali "Zoona Malawi" - Vinyl LP.
Out in November 2018.
This is a co-release between US label Mississippi Records and Sing a song fighter. In close collaboration with the Malawian label Spare Dog Records.
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Awesome 6-track full length album  with the wonderful raw recordings of Gasper Nali playing on the shore of Lake Malawi. Nothing added, nothing overdubbed, just pure Malawian Roots. Gasper Nali plays a Babatoni - a 3 meter, one-stringed, home-made bass guitar - with an empty bottle and a stick. And makes the most beautiful and catchy original afro-beats possible. This is as unique as they come (records). And the vinyl album comes with the great design of  mississippi records.