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Idrissa Soumaoro & L'eclipse "Le tioko-tioko" LP

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Idrissa Soumaoro & L'eclipse - "Le tioko-tioko"

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First edition sold out quickly. Now, the 2nd pressing just arrived.  So, available again!!

Malian lp from 1978. Music teacher Idrissa Soumaoro started a  band (L'eclipse) with two of his students  at a blind school in Bamako, Mali (the two students would later on form a duo and recieve worldwide acclaim as Amadou & Mariam).  They recorded this one  album which is one of  Sing a song fighter's favorite albums. And since it was extremely hard to find (it was never released commercially back then in Mali, but given away to students at a school for blind in Bamako), something needed to be done! Because the world needs hear this masterpiece.
So, sing a song fighter started to search for and contact all the musicians involved on the record. Started to look for an existing master tape or a great copy of the vinyl...got fabulous US label mississippi records in on the project (it's a co-release between sing a song fighter and mississippi records)  and in october 2015 the re-release finally was out. And we can not be happier.
Here's an african album sounding like nothing else. Hypnotic, psych organs and splendid guitars...Heavenly vocals and the album is super great all the way through.
Reproduction of the old album sleeve. Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk. Includes a small sleeve inside with photos and liner notes by Florent Mazzoleni.
It's more than recommended!   Here's the opening track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaNNebsz_l8