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Johnny Mbizo Dyani - "African bass, Solo Concert, 1978" 2-lp

30 EUR

Johnny Mbizo Dyani - "African bass, solo concert, live at Willisau Festival, Switzerland, 1978"
2-LP Gatefold Cover. 

Sing a song fighter have never been more proud and happy than to finally announce and release this unissued and unheard fantastic recording.
South African in exile Johnny Dyani was one of the greatest bass players. Played with Don Cherry, Chris McGregor, Archie Sheep, Dollar Brand / Abdullah Ibrahim etc etc. He also made many great albums as a bandleader. And a few rare minimal albums where it was mostly him and his upright bass. He died way too early in 1986. And as Karl Jonas Winqvist (sing a song fighter) rank some of Dyani's works ("African bass", "witchdoctor's son" with Okay Temiz and "Good news from Africa" with Dollar Brand) as "the most natural, creative musical force there is" he investigated for years if there was more recorded Dyani material waiting to be heard. And where? And after e-mailing endlessly with an National Radio Museum in Switzerland he finally found what he was looking for.
In 1978 graphic designer Niklaus Troxler arranged the great Willisau Jazz Festival in Switzerland. A lot of legendary artists like Max Roach, Jan Garbarek, Elvin Jones and Don Cherry were performing.
And Johnny Dyani was one of them. He did this rare solo concert with some of the material that 2 years later would end up on his great album "African bass".
And this unheard and unissued recording from that festival is truly sensational stuff! 

This 2-lp contains the concert from beginning to end and contains Dyani at his very best on piano, gong, bass and vocals. Spiritual, adventurous and truly free,beautiful music. Here is listening links to 3 tracks from this release: https://soundcloud.com/singasongfighter/sets/johnny-mbizo-dyani-african

Gatefold cover with extensive liner notes from Francis Gooding and also Niklaus Troxler (who recorded the concert and now also made the album artwork for this release).
All copies here are gone now except my one and only personal copy plus three last copies, so do not sleep! You can also find some remaining copies over at the lovely Honest Jon's.
This album is is distributed worldwide by https://honestjons.com/shop/artist/Johnny_Mbizo_Dyani/release/African_Bass_Solo_Concert

A1. Thank you
A2. Aba-Limanga
A3. Wish you sunshine
B1. Afrikan Blues
C1. Le Ngo-Ma
D1. Aba-Limanga II
D2. Let the music take you.