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Karl Jonas - "In a Gilbert play" - Limited Vinyl Edition with Obi and lyrics sheet.

20 EUR

Karl Jonas "In a Gilbert play" - Limited Vinyl Edition (300 copies) with Obi and lyrics sheet.

Now, Mr Sing a song fighter have been busy. Here's a new exciting duo-album that came to life in an unexpected way. Karl Jonas Winqvist wrote the lyrics and songs (except for the covers) and Gilbert Johansson did the rest (production, recording, instrumentation etc).  This brilliant album have ten tracks on the vinyl edition and twelve on the cd. It features great guests as Terre Roche (from the N.Y sister's trio The Roches) who sings on the duet "be not so fearful" and the macedonian clarinetist Use Mustafov and more. The lovely choir "hasch, bin & vin kören" (consisting of the three amazing vocalists elle kari sander, nina kinert and anja bigrell) also bless every track with their backing vocals. Analog mastering by the legendary Janne Hansson at Atlantis Studio, Stockholm. More info will follow soon.  RELEASE DATE 25th of November 2016.

side a
01. 100 photos
02. Birds in the snow
03. Talking in my sleep
04. Animal mentality
05. Some things in life don't come easily
side b
06. Be not so fearful
07. Many sides of justice
08. The brick wall and the insect
09. Sugar me
10. The neighbour and the apple tree (cd only)
11. Eight windows blues (cd only)
12. Workers.

Music video for "Some things in life don't come easily" by Malin Skjöld: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOOo3cTdQm0

"Ok, this is quite some album you have made here. It's sounds a little like if Talk Talk, The Flash and the pan and Yo la tengo had a band together. Which they don't and if they would I bet it would not sound anything like this...So, nevermind what I'm failing to describe here. Except this: I have played this album all week long and that seldom happen. Amazing lyrics/songs and ace arrangements. So, it's warmly recommended by yours truly."  Alistair Robarts, nov 2016.