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Malvina Reynolds "12 unreleased gems/home recordings.."

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Malvina Reynolds - Vinyl, limited to 500 copies.
Co-release between sing a song fighter and mississippi records.
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Remarkable work from Malvina Reynolds – the legendary folk activist (who wrote the hit "Little boxes") whose career didn't take off until she was in her 70s – but which quickly became the stuff of legend among the left! Malvina only gave us a handful of records from those late years, but fortunately we've also got this set to add to her all-too-small catalog – private recordings done by fan/friend Jan Hammarlund, in a setting that's much more to Reynolds' liking than the production she received on her famous album for Columbia. The biting politics of that record is very firmly in place here, and maybe even given a more personal spin too – on titles that include "The Judge Said", "Uneasy Dreams", "Don't Jump", "Johnny Built A House", "This House Is Your House", "Sleep Come On By", and "When I Fly this World".  Free Shipping Worldwide!                                                                                         Ps. Here is the track "When I fly from this world", Malvina and her guitar being recorded in a hotel room in Finland by legendary swedish folk/protest singer Jan Hammarlund. https://soundcloud.com/singasongfighter/when-i-fly-from-this-world-malvina-reynolds