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Nino Keller - "The Hunt" - limited vinyl edition.

21 EUR

Swedish drummer Nino Keller (Les big byrd, caesars etc)  is making his debut as a skilled composer and solo artist.
“The Hunt” is his unexpected and totally magnificient debut album.
This instrumental 9-track piece is an ambitious and impressive work.
Nino have created beautiful, cinematic and orchestral compositions (often piano based) which sometimes reminds us of the great works of Philip Glass, the Italian Soundtrack-composer Piero Umiliani as well as the instrumental, moody side of the French eccentric artist Sebastien Tellier.
But most of all, this highly original and moving album sounds like an artist finding his own path. And we sure want to follow where that leads...Highly recommended!
Album is out NOW on digital and a beautiful limited vinyl edition.
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Nino Keller – The Hunt