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Randiga Rut "Frågorna" - Vinyl LP

21 EUR

Randiga Rut - "Frågorna" - Vinyl LP

Release date 19th of May 2017.

Finally it's here. The debut album from Randiga Rut.
9 gorgeous pop songs in swedish (although two is without words). With brilliant melodies and lyrics full of everyday life questions, politically charged issues and funny observations  these four young ladies makes our heart beat faster and our knees weak. And in a very good way.

Someone wrote "Like a swedish female Belle and Sebastian for the young generation".
Accurate or not, this is a pearl!

The vinyl comes with a inner lyric sheet.

A. 161:an, 6 timmar, Vad ska det bli av mig?, Ska vi gå och fika?, Hur går det med killarna?

B. Vem vill bliva stor?, Har det hänt nåt sen sist?, Trampen, ?

Here is a listening link: https://soundcloud.com/singasongfighter/sets/fragorna-randiga-rut-1/s-eI6wY

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