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The Second Hand Orchestra LP

20 EUR

First release by Second Hand Orchestra.
Rare minimal d.i.y orchestral recordings for a film project that never was completed.
Vinyl. Limited, numbered edition of 300 copies.
All copies have a unique cover. A free cd might be included inside. Free shipping worldwide!
Release date 20151024.

Apart from six Lp copies recently found, this is sold out over here.  There might be a few copies left here: http://honestjons.com/shop/label/Sing_A_Song_Fighter

https://vimeo.com/143120912   a short film about the process of making the artwork etc. All credits go to Bedow!
Here's the opening track: "The train to bulbul".

Vinyl Mastering by Kramer at Noise Sound, Miami.

01. The train to bulbul
02. Old machine, undestroyable
03. Don't look back, that's not where we're going!
04. Her name is hope
05. M-child
06. Pinao sleeps inside the piano
01. Rock bottom risers of the world
02. Kindness (was recently found in a box in the pacific ocean)
03. Coral / Moral
04. Belgrade, New Delhi scenes
05. Women's theme
06. Repetitions (of life, death etc)

Ps. Apart from the six copies recently found, this is SOLD OUT!  There might be some copies left at http://www.honestjons.com