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The Small Crowd - New Debut LP

23 EUR

The Small Crowd - Vinyl LP, sasf017.

A forthcoming masterpiece and debut album which will be out late October 2017 on Sing a song fighter.


The Sound Wizard behind the name The Small Crowd is Martin H.

He's been remixing, producing, arranging for other artists in Sweden for some time now -

This is his solo project where he blends his heavenly, mostly instrumental  mix of dancey electronical music with a classical string quartet (Rosa Kvartetten).
Adventurous and beautiful. His influences are all over the map, but early listeners have tried to compare The Small Crowd to artists like: Nicolas Jaar, Jon Hopkins,Kornel Kovacz, Vitalic and The Avalanches".. Album artwork by US artist Noah Lyon.

You will hear a lot more from The Small Crowd soon.
But 'til then, enjoy the two videos for the album tracks "7 things" and "not yet" ... www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_LypMT695A